FAQs and Specs

Work stays up for two months.

The platform is 84 inches in width at the back. It is roughly 15 inches deep at the left end, and 36 inches deep on the right. The full width of the front window is 102 inches. The height of the front window glass is 52 inches.

Platform to the wood boards at top: 59” (The boards are removable.)
Wood boards to the ceiling: 29”

Back glass panels are is 28" wide x 47 3/4" tall

As the back is glass, there is no nailing. The work can hang from string (looped around back and attached to the wooden frames) or from the ceiling above the wood boards (using nails, hooks, or netting in the ceiling). Or it can be set out on the platform.

The window gets a bit of dappled light. And tons of street traffic. There are spotlights on the display set to go off at night.

Set out or tape contact info to the window, but no prices please.

If you are interested contact: