Sunday, March 23, 2014

Conversation: Two Voices by Macy Chadwick

In my artist books and prints, I am interested in the way that we communicate and what is said between, within and behind words. In this installation, I explore two different modes of communicating: the logical and the emotional. Using symbolic shapes to represent the words, I present an emotional, romantic communication style as a colorful, layered and organic arrangement. In contrast, a logical, unemotional manner of speaking is shown as a rigid and orderly layout of black, grey and white shapes. Dancing between these two modes of communicating, an arc of playful orange shapes symbolizes the imagination; even when speaking in very different styles, our imaginations are activated by personal exchanges.

The installation is made up of three large relief and intaglio prints created from laser-cut plexiglass plates. The actual shaped printing plates are suspended in layers in front of the prints, expanding the images off the two-dimensional surface.

On display 24/7 through April 30, 2014.

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Featured in the SGC Mission Art Walk, Saturday March 29

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